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Joint-stock company "StankoGomel" is one of the oldest and leading machine tool producers in the countries of ex-USSR. It was 125 years of age in 2010.

About 200 models of special machines for various industries were developed by the plant in the middle of XX century. There were sawing machines, thread-rolling machines, machines for the sector rolling and waving of the drills, copy machines for processing of the turbine blades, machines for friction welding, machines and lines for ribbing of pipes by the aluminum tape, for processing of pipe edges of the main oil- and gas-pipelines before the welding in field conditions etc.

Serial production of the vertical and horizontal CNC machining centers for drilling, milling and boring operations was started in the beginning of 1980's. Since this time main specialization of the plant is production of the vertical and horizontal CNC machining centers with basic table sizes of 500х500 mm, 630х630 mm and 630х800 mm as well as CNC systems of domestic and foreign production ("Fanuc", "Bosch", "Siemens", "NUM", "Olivetti", "CNC600" etc.). Plant was equipped with precise machines and control instrumentations; new production facilities were put into operation; old-fashioned models of the machines were laid off.

Range of vertical CNC machining centers under the common name "INTERDRILL VG100" was created in 1989 in cooperation with German company "Schiess". These machines were made on the base of vertical CNC machining center GDV500, equipped with modern drives and CNC from "Siemens" and sold in the West-European market through the company "Schiess".
Special designing bureau of machining centers (SDB MC) was established in order to effect necessary researching and developing activities.  

1993 was marked by signing of the long-term cooperation agreement with German company "Нескеrt Chemnitzer Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH". At first wide range of the knee-type milling machines FW, FU and FSS was delivered for further selling to the company "
Нескеrt Chemnitzer Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH" but since middle of 1990's JSC "StankoGomel" sells these machines all over the world on its own.

Today main production program of the plant consists of vertical and horizontal CNC machining centers, vertical, horizontal & wide-universal knee-type milling machines including CNC ones, slotting machines, straightening and cutting machines etc.
Plant exports the machines to many countries of the world including West Europe, USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia, Iran, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam etc.

Important part of today's activity of the plant is modernization of produced and development of new types of machines. Latest models launched into production are horizontal machining center GDT500, vertical machining center 
for power milling BYVER500 and vertical machining center for five-sides machining BYVER630. These machines have high machining, moving and tool changing speeds, through-spindle coolant supply, rail guideways, modern components and CNC systems etc. Technical parameters of these machines don't yield to ones of best machines of famous German and Japanese producers, working in the markets of Belarus and Russia.