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Universal dividing head FU400R.51.50.000


Dividing heads are special devices for knee-type milling machines, which extend their technological possibilities greatly. They can be used in production of different tools (cutters, reamers, spotfacer, taps), substandard machine parts (boltheads, nut faces, slotted nuts), by milling of gear and star wheels, grooving and slotting on the faces (toothed clutches) etc.

Dividing heads are intended for:

          - clamping of workpiece and setting of its axis at the necessary angle regarding to machine's table;
          - periodic rotation of the workpiece on its axis (
indexing into equal or unequal parts);
          - continuous rotation of the workpiece by cutting of screw grooves or helical teeth of gear wheels.

Workpiece circle can be divided into equal or unequal parts depending on the head's design. By cutting of screw grooves (e.g. clearance grooves of drills, cutters, taps, reamers and spotfacers) both continuous circular and forward movements are imparted to workpiece at the same time.

Machining of workpiece with dividing head FU400R.51.50.000 can be effected in centers or chuck as well as on the milling arbor. Following operations are possible:     

          - plain indexing of circles for number multiple of 24, i.e. 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 12, 24;
          - simple indexing of circles for 2 to 400 parts and for some numbers over 400;
          - differencial indexing of circles for 43 to 400 parts without interval;
          - spiral milling with pitch from 25 to 400 mm;
          - milling of gear wheels;
          - setting of workpiece axis at the necessary angle regarding to machine's table;
          - different operations at milling machines concerned with indexing of circle for unequal parts (in degrees). 

Technical parameters:

Parameter Value
Accuracy class according to ГОСТ 8615 Н
Maximal workpiece diameter, mm 250
Angle of spindle rotation in vertical plane, no less than:
    down from line of centers
    up from line of centers

Spindle taper MT4
Thread of spindle's working end М52
Diameter of spindle's hole, mm 26,5 
Contact ratio of worm gear  1:40
Number of indexing disk's holes
on the one side
on the other side
16, 17, 19, 21, 23, 29, 30, 31
33, 37, 39, 41, 43, 47, 49, 54
Division value of plain indexing scale ring, mm 15°
Width of feather keys, mm 18
Exchangeable gears' diameter of bore  20f9
Exchangeable gearls' pitch, mm 1,5
Distance from dividing head's base to face of vertically located spindle, no more than, mm 280
Overall dimensions of dividing head's base 
(length x width), mm
 260 x 180
Overall dimensions of dividing head 
(length x width x height), mm
 460 x 380 x 250
Weight of dividing head, kg 58
Total weight of dividing head
with set of exchangeable gears, kg