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Slotting machines

Slotting machine GD200-01

Slotting machines are used to make key grooves, slots, undercuts and flutes on the profiled and flat surfaces in job-work and small-batch production

Technical parameters

Working ram stroke, mm 20-200
Distance from table plane to lower surface of ram guideways, mm 320
Distance from external surface of cutter head to bed, mm  450
Max. workpiece height, mm:   
     - by external machining 300
     - by internal machining 100
Ram speed under load, double strockes per min.  15, 66, 101
Table diameter, mm 500
Working table motions:  
     - longitudinal, mm 500
     - cross, mm 400
     - circular, deg. 360
Table feeds for one double ram stroke   
     - longitudinal, mm 0,1-1,2
     - cross, mm 0,1-1,2
     - circular, deg. 0,07-0,8
Main drive power, kW 3,6
Machine's overall dimensions (length х width х height)mm  1900 х 1270 х 2175
Machine's net weight, kg 2000