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Knee-type milling machines according to license of HECKERT Chemnitzer Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH

Design and technology were developed in Germany
1.      Main units are produced from grey iron GG-25 (GJL-250) and have optimal expedient form and high rigidity, allowing maximal table loading of 1,5 tons.
2.       Wide cross and vertical guideways have fluoroplastic coating with good antifriction properties (low friction constant) and antiscoring ability, providing stability of accuracy parameters within many years.
3.      Availability of automatic machining cycles widens technological possibilities of the machines and allows their using both in small-batch and mass serial production. According to the customer's request machines can be equipped with the digital readouts.
4.      Availability of knee lowering device eliminates possibility of contact between tool and machined surface during rapid reverse travel.  
5.      Availability of following feed device in the longitudinal coordinate ensures rigidity and absence of vibration. Following feed milling allows more effective machining of deep grooves and parts from high-strength materials. Elimination of backlash between feed screw and split nut in the longitudinal direction for following feed milling is ensured by the hydraulic device. Automatic enabling of the following feed device during feed travels and its disabling during rapid travels protect split nut of the feed screw from wear and tear.
6.      Machines exceed similar ones in noise parameters, design and ergonomics.